Acu-Sol is a Cape Town based company that has been supplying the medical market since 1993. Since then Acu-Sol has continued to grow and diversify the product range on offer but one thing has always remained the same...our SERVICE and QUALITY


As they say, “service is everything”. This has always been and will always be the strength of Acu-Sol.

We view our customers need to have good service of utmost importance. This fundamental principle covers all aspects of service, be it product quality, customer relations or service delivery. 


Additionally, we strongly believe in leaving a sustainable heritage for future generations.Therefore, we constantly implement methods of minimizing our carbon footprint and producing “greener” products.


We try our best to manufacture in a manner that cares for you and the environment.

Innovate the market with natural origin formulations

To put people before profit

To excite with our innovative formula's




  • To achieve successful outcomes for both you and I

  • Ensure that our products meet the highest standards we can achieve

  • Ensure products are delivered efficiently and work effectively

  • Purchase, manufacture and sell quality products

  • Treat the earth and all in it with care and consideration

  • To reduce consumption and mitigate waste

  • Provide continued work education and skills development

  • View people and their health as more important than profits

  • Maintain customer service and delivery as a top priority

  • Innovate ourselves, our products and the market for the better

  • Continue to produce ‘greener’, safer and more wholesome products which encourage all to achieve a healthier and more hygienic lifestyle

  • Treat all with dignity and respect, listening to, and addressing their needs and concerns and then offering the appropriate solution


 We care about