Acu-Sol Improving for the Future


1. As a family business we have the customer's best interests at heart and therefore are dedicated to giving the best service possible as Riana from Monte Vista Clinic says: "Thanks Alan, you still give excellent service - even after 20 years!" This service is achieved because management is fully intergrated into all aspects of the functionality of the business and hence we ensure the service delivery standard we know our customers expect.


2. Acu-sol is a wholesaler of a wide variety of surgical and hygiene consumables at competitive prices.


3. We aim for flexibility in being able to  introduce new and modified products  and services and in our ability to produce or manufacture different quantities of products in the time required.


4. We have always been committed to the use of ingredients that are more 'user friendly' to any person using our products.


5. The quality of our products bears testimony to this. Many customers have changed to our products, due the excellent referrals from the market place.They have remained loyal to Acu-Sol after comparing the quality and effectiveness of our products. 


6. Acu-Sol strives to implement dynamic strategies to keep up with the ever changing business environment.

We do this by means of innovation and continuous improvement strategies within our products and processes.


7. Our courier parcels are tracked, therefore queries can be efficiently and quickly resolved.


8. We have maintained our speed objectives of a 48-72 hours lead time from placement of order to delivery.

We consistently achieve a prompt response time to orders. We also maintain a swift and dilligent response to customer queries.


9. We have maintained integrity to our awarded tenders in both the pricing of such and have also held to such pricing for the stipulated time period even though this has not been advantageous for the business.


10. As we understand that all organisations are interested in reducing costs; we endeavour to use our speed, dependability, quality and flexibility to reduce costs. We are also in constant communication with our various suppliers to reduce their costs of goods supplied to us, which we in turn pass onto our customers.


11. Acu-Sol utilises innovation, in that we customise our machinery to increase operation efficiency.To this end we have had a bottle manufactured exclusively for us, which is more ergonomical leading to enhanced customer satisfaction. This bottle also utilises pilfer proof caps, to prevent product tampering. Which is the first of its kind in this product range!



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